Alternative to Intervals Part 1

Interval Training for when you get bored with running.                                                                           The Sequence Below is an adaptation to boxing intervals

Exercise Sets Interval (Work To Rest) Intra Set rest
A1 Jab Cross OH Right L Hook to Body 1 3 minutes
B1 Flurry interval 6 4(10:10)  1 minutes
C1 Stance and Motion(coming soon) 1 3 minutes

*4(10:10)  4, 10 second intervals with 10 seconds rest at the end of 4 work  a 1 minute rest between interval sets for a total of 6
A1) Technique


Special thanks to Yas and Elizabeth Parr you can find him on Instagram @yasparr

Protein deficit or Protein deficient


The study below points to the idea that in a state of protein deficiency, this may influence the body towards greater consumption in order to fill the void.  However, the structure of a westernized diet of carbohydrate rich foods can be counter productive (1).  By replacing protein with carbohydrates alone, the body will tend to still eat more when the carbohydrate is high on the glycemic index (2).  A higher protein breakfast has been shown to have an impact on glycemic variability (3) that can likely play into satiety throughout the day.

From this stand point, it is natural to conclude protein from eggs or lean meat for breakfast will suffice, which are excellent sources.  This assumption is correct, however, there are two reasons why I prefer whey as a source: convenience, and price.  The only other problem that people will have is finding a good source of whey that is altered(4).  This is why I am recommending Earth Fed Muscle.  Not only are they are a reliable source, they care about their product.





Modified Texas Progression Style


Progression Style

  Progression Generic Example 5X3 Weeks Goal
W1 Ramp 100X3 105X3 110X3 115X2 115X2 Find Upper limit of strength at rep range or (Rep Maximum)explain
W2 Static 105X3X3X3X3X3X3 Build (Cumulative Volume) through tonnage and additional set
W3 Ramp 105X3 110X3 115X3 120X2 Establish new( Personal Best) during deload dropping 1-3 sets (60-70%)total volume
W4 Static 110X3X3X3X3X3X3 (Personal Best Cumulative Volume) through total tonnage

W2 and W4 Add a set to main A sets this will make hitting cumulative tonnage almost fool proof.

Rest Pause for all sets that you can’t get rep goal.  Typically if that happens it should happen on the last sets.

It would look as follows in a journal 225x5x5x5x5x3+2×3+1+1 rest between 20 and 30 seconds for the rest pause