There is an old joke where a woman tells a man “If I were your wife I’d poison your coffee.” The man replies, “If I were your husband I would drink it.”  So in an effort to make this article more interesting I will use this idea to construct a crime that is perfectly legal when done correctly .

The wife would obviously start by getting a sizeable life insurance policy on her husband. The more interesting thing would be how she slowly poisons her husband.  She will start with breakfast. She would first server him up a nice cup of instant coffee that was over cooked so we can get the right amount of accrylimide(1) in it and with it a she would add a splash of creamer with the hydrogenated oils(2)(3) to improve shelf life.  She could cook him a nice breakfast of ham and eggs out of a teflon pan (5)making certain to overcook and brown the meal to make sure he ingests a large amount of advance glycotic end products (4) (AGEs).  She would also be certain to make sure the oil she cooks the meal in has a low smoke point and over cook it to increase the number of toxic aldehydes (6) within the oil prior to consumption.

She has the timer on the restroom oderizer set at a higher frequency so it sprays more when he takes his morning constitutional after the coffee kicks in. That way he inhales enough benzene to slowly accumulate in his body(7)

The sweet wife would make certain to pack her husband a lunch because she knows he can’t take care of himself. So she packs a good lunch of heavily processed meat sandwich with two slices of  oil based cheese also containing just shy of .5g trans fat that the manufactures don’t have to label(8).  She would only use the most heavily processed meats and breads weekly to promote the obeseogenic diet because she knows the inflammation it provides will correlate with mortality. She would also be certain to pack the at the very least a high fructose beverage to increase the amount of glycation that occurs in the blood and help to raise triglyceride levels (9).  All the while she would be certain that his intake of micro nutrients is at a deficiency state to impair glucose metabolism and create greater insulin resistance.(10)

She would familurize herself with his family history of chronic disease so she could help elicit the similar outcomes due to genetic predispositions. Her goal is long term because she is trying to accumulate lesions and double strand tears in her husbands DND, and she knows chronic inflammation is a key.(11)

For dinner she would be certain to microwave higher fat leftovers in plastic so the oils can leach various endocrine mimicking substances from the plastic, along with serving a side or two out of BPA coated cans to insure adequate saturation levels of plastic can be reached(10).

Finally and most importantly she would encourage him to stay up late watching television, or on his mobile devise to wreck his circadian rhythm. In doing this she will ensure the body remains in an inflammation state and has inadequate recovery so he will remain inflamed.(12)

The grand conspiracy to soft kill an individual is really not an organized one, it has come from my vantage as a sort of slip shot way to create greater food supplies that are easy and ready made.  With the advances in science and technology there are great and novel benefits. Sometimes short term benefits come with long term consequences.  As the cigarette philosopher would say we are all going to die anyway.

I barely ever proof read so feel free to fix grammatical errors as you go.  You can make it like a type of word search.  Have fun 🙂  Feel free to drop me a line if you have other ideas.













Mental Toughness or Experience

We are a spoiled generation, and the more we forget of our past struggles that shaped and molded our behavior the weaker as a society we become.  In the coaching world you will hear the word mental toughness, this mental toughness that.  I never really bought into the concept of mental toughness totally, but I understand it.   “Mental toughness” comes from exposure to adversity and through hardship and learning from mistakes all the while planning to rebuild.  I think what you will notice is the people that others say are mentally tough often will be the more experienced of your athletes.  Those that seem to be more athletic have been weathered by trials.  What will come of a victim society that wallows in the past.  What will become of a generation that complains all the time about how thing are.  What will become of a new affluenzic generation?  It is a downward spiral into self-deprecation, and at a point there is no turning back.

A similar to concept to mental toughness is pain.  Why is it that pain is a relative concept?  Not all people can handle pain the way some people do.  Some studies (1)(2)even say red heads are actually more susceptible to pain due to their genotype.  From another vantage when you were young, and did manual labor you developed calluses maybe even blisters from using a shovel or a hammer or an ax.  “Thin skinned,” people typically develop a blisters more readily because the skin has not conditioned for work.  The first time you experience a pain it is often the most uncomfortable and likely the most painful.  Though the more times you expose yourself the manual labor the thicker the skin becomes.   After a while you become more callused to the pain, and as your work capacity becomes greater you can do more work, and become hardened to the pain that toil and labor inflicts on you. Similarly mental toughness is about experience.  The more experience you have the easier it will be to endure hard times.  While pain may parallel mental toughness it is not the same in all cases.

History only speaks about the resilient, not everyone has it in them to rise back to their feet when they were knocked down, but it is easier when you follow the shadow of a man or woman who you watched get back up every time.  Ignorance of this construct is sad indeed. In conclusion for self betterment it is a good idea to expose yourself to toil and trauma so that you can desensitize yourself for the sake of this society and it’s future errrr something.

I’m sorry I have not posted much, I will try to post more often but don’t hold your breath lol.