Killing the Unicorn or Discovering Reality


A friend of mine who happens to be an artist once told me how way back when artists really didn’t know what lions looked like because all they had were descriptions.  So artists did what they thought best depicted the lion going off references and descriptions.  This is also true of the fitness and performance crowd.

Years ago I was introduced to the concept of Post Tenetic Facilitation also referred to as Post tenatic activation or Post activation potentiation.  I have referenced these terms in the past. I was introduced to this term when I learned of the Bulgarian style of weight lifting and how the wave loading can elicit this effect.   This was going to help me in training and make me grow by leaps and bounds etc…It is a good concept and it does work however much of the flare behind the old articles has since died because in reality you are looking at jumps in weight, but weightlifting you discover is a patient man’s game.

Another concept that hit the dieting world and rears it’s head from time to time is the raise your metabolism by eating extra calories concept, or better still the weight loss of shifting towards a ketogenic diet.  The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is much of the weight you lose when you first go keto is water weight.   This can be deceptive to first time dieters.  Extra calories for a metabolism boost along with going keto seems to lose their luster when you recognize greater than 2 weeks of consistency and methodical dedication are required.

 The mythos of the Unicorn has many account within literature, but the description and depictions of what it is were perverted into an image often of what we want it to be, but when we reference descriptions of unicorns from historical document we also come upon bicorns and the less fanciful less beautiful understanding that these were actually descriptions of a rhinoceros.   With the many concepts that come in and out of the fitness world you find that often times they exist and there is science to back the effect in real life, but it is not as magical as our minds eye seems to perceive it.

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