Hero Complex

The Myth of Mortality

“Competition is like breathing you never feel alive unless you are.”


What is a hero? A hero is one who’s name is permanently etched in the pantheon of history usually as a martyr, willing to die for an idea greater than self. Though often a flawed character, the hero in question makes a stand. In today’s new paradigm of the Machiavellian hero is to me                                                                                                                         depressing to say the least.
The story of Phidippides, tells of a messenger from the battle of Marathon. He ran to Athens to tell of the Persians defeat at Marathon. Phidippides was sent to warn of a possible naval invasion of the retreating Persians to Athens. Phidippides dies of exertion shortly after delivering the message.

Below you will find a program a a test for rite of passage into these halls.  May the pantheon greet you.

“Come on you sons of bitches, who want to live forever?”
Sgt. Major Dan Daly


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