Alternative to Interval training Part 4

Interval Training for when you get bored with running.                                                                           The Sequence Below is an adaptation to boxing intervals

Exercise Sets Interval (Work To Rest) Intra Set rest
A1 Double Jab Cross Hook Cross 1  Paced 5 minutes
B1 Jab Cross OH Right Left Hook 2 4(20:10)  2 minutes
C1 Double Left Hook, Right Cross, L To Body 2  4(20:10) 2 minutes
D1 Jab, Cross Hook, Cross 2  4(20:10) 2 minutes
E1 Stance and Motion 1 3 minutes

*4(10:10)  4, 10 second intervals with 10 seconds rest at the end of 4 work  a 1 minute rest between interval sets for a total of 6
A1) Technique




Special thanks to Yas and Elizabeth Parr you can find him on Instagram @yasparr

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