General Rules and Guidelines for Carb cycling 2.0

General Rules and Guidelines for a diet:

Weight in the morning daily for feedback (1)

-Eat Fats and Proteins in the morning, eat Carbohydrates and Proteins at night (2) (20)(21)

-The lower levels of visceral body fat the better the body assimilates carbs (3)

-Fibers provide satiety and doesn’t count towards carbs (4)

-There is a link between protein “deficiency” and increase caloric intake (5)

-Whey protein intake adds to satiety (6)

-Diet Soda and Diet sweeteners can create cravings for sweets (7)

-There is some benefit to consumption of acids with higher carbohydrate meal. (8)

-Adequate sleep is required for optimal carbohydrate assimilation (9)(10)

-glycemic load will dictate satiety throughout the day (11)

-increased protein intake will help maintain lean body mass on a diet (12)

-High protein low fat diet in some ways is superior to high carb diets (13)

– Aerobics in conjunction with weight training helps maintain lean body mass when in caloric deficit (14)

– 7 day 15g per per kg of body mass to fully replete glycogen stores (15)

-When hungry err on the side of higher protein (16)

– The body can and does assimilate nutrients after a workout similar to a fasted state (17)(18)(19)

-High Protein Breakfast benefits satiety and prevents BF gain (22)

– Sleep Deprivation and metabolic function and immunity (23)(26)

– A routine meal pattern may help with thermic effect of food along with weight management (24)(25)





























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