What can be taught?

There is something great, motivational, something that can burn.  It is a passion, a desire.  It is something lacking and everyone wants it.  It drives people, it directs them, it is a muse, and a light in the fog of life that steers.  It is a flame and few people can light this fire, in some this fire is sparked, but then smothers itself because nothing is there to feed it.  Sometime there are limited resources that help fan this flame.   What I can tell you about this great something is it is there.  You have to find it, you have to fan it, and when you see people with it you want to surround yourself with them because what they have will feed yours.  For a general understanding of what this something is you can call it intrinsic value.  It is what you find important, why you find it important how it consumes you.   The hard part is there are things that can stand in the way of this intrinsic value.  Walls that make themselves present people that nay say and suck the life from you.  
In my own career I see a lack of intrinsic value in education, partially because it is free and partially because no one set them up to see the value of education, and really it’s not education at all, rather the application of education. The utility of education is what gives it value, vocab and textbook are limited because they only hold information.  What makes information beautiful is when it becomes a process and hardened idea.   The problem with this passion and the flame in and how it consumes is once it becomes stagnant once it loses its nature of engulfing and immersing those around it. This passion becomes dogma and devoid of purpose it becomes hardened and loses its almost fluid and expansive catalyst, or viral tendency.  People say “I have trouble with motivation.” or, I’ve also heard “What is the point,” ,and/or “why?”  In my mind I have had the same questions.  I struggle with motivation, but find that it is a matter of who you expose yourself to that will help you or directing your energy to completion.  My reply to “Why?” is “WHY NOT!!!”  Because when it comes down to it, intrinsic value, and passion are something you have to find for yourself.  I don’t think “give a shit” can be taught it has to be learned.
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