OCD and Thanksgiving

For many people, Thanksgiving has become a day programmed into a diet, and is increasingly becoming more and more exclusive.

Some individuals might try to avoid gluten from the wheat rolls. Others may be concerned about the plastic leaching into the turkey from the bag and the button it’s been marinating in. Some will worry about the gravy containing mono sodium glutamate along with trans fats.  Still others are probably wondering how many parts per billions of cesium 137 is in the crab dip and or oyster dressing from Fukishima, among other heavy metals.  Some will be worried about pcbs from the canned yams, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin disturbing endocrine function.

In these instances I often use an age old smokers philosophy, I learned years back.  You’re going to die anyway.  So whenever you start stressing about all of the above possibilities just make to remember that wisdom, make sure to have gravy in case the turkey is dry, and remember to be thankful for family and friends.  Hope you have a great thanksgiving.  #enjoy

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