How to read a program

Programs are usually set up as follows

Lift Sets Reps Weight X Reps Rest Interval Tempo
A1 Bench Press 3 10-12 90s 40X0
A2 Pull up 3 10-12 90s 40X0
B1 Dips 3 12-15 30s 30X0
B2 Inc Curl 3 12-15 30s 30X0
B3 Leg Raise 3 10-12 60s 30X0
  1. A1, A2 is a super set so you will do the A sets back to back Bench Press then to Pull ups
  2. Sets designate how many times you will repeat an exercise
  3. Reps or rep range is the designated number of times you will lift the weight
  4. Weight X Reps is where you will write the weight and the reps 100X10X10X10
  5. Rest interval (RI) is the designated amount of time you will rest on a lift or between lifts
  6. Tempo designates the speed of the lift   41X1

4 is the negative also known as the eccentric where the active muscle is lengthening

1 is the pause in the lengthened position (in the hole or the bottom of a squat,bench)

X is the positive also known as the concentric phase when the active muscle contracts/shortens

1 is the pause at the top position usually the most mechanically advantageous position.

7. B1,B2,B3 are a triset and would follow the A sets


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