The Rusted Bent Barbell Outreach Program

In the brother hood and sisterhood of iron with a quest to solve the riddle of steel there is a rite of passage into this order.  Some young followers are not given a map and have to define it for themselves. There are a variety of followers some are Olympic, some Power, some Met con, and others Aesthetic.    Regardless of your denomination we are all young at one time and we grow with each consecutive rep and set in this arduous journey towards the unattainable.   This beaten path does not have a defined entry way so I decided to create one for beginners.  I call it the rusted barbell outreach program.  I have been gifted with a number of barbells in my day most have seen their better days some I have contributed to weathering.  Either way the program will rely on barbell patterns and introduce variety to the lifter.

Over the years of lifting I have acquired a number of lifting apparatus and various implements to exploit progressive overload with.  One apparatus that has stood the test of time is the barbell.  When you think about roots of strength/physique sport, you have to realize men and women that were strong didn’t come from a gym.  A gym in those days was manual labor.  Though it seem likely that barbells were an evolution of the dumbbell.  One of the greatest assets of the barbell is also it’s greatest weakness stability.  The stability of a barbell provides a way to judge symmetry of movement pattern, but doesn’t allow you free range of motion that a dumbbell will.

As discussed a long time ago the cardinal planes of movement are basically the XYZ planes of movement. A barbell can que the lifter on symmetry.  On a deadlift symmetry of bar contact with the body, symmetry of bar contact on touching the ground can tell you if a shoulder is lax.  On back squat elevation of one side over the other can tell you about how scapula along with where your elbows are can tell you if upper body is tight.   Symmetry of elbow position on a press can tell you about the shoulder.  All if not most lifts can educate and que  the lifter if he or she pays attention when fatigue sets in or when tension is to great to sustain form.  For this reason I have created a program to help the beginning lifter.

It is an outreach program as I have gifted a few people used barbells that may have never seen the light of day again.   Good luck, fellow patron of the bar.

Bent barbell out reach 1.0

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