Mobility on an overhead squat is usually limited by an number of factors

The three stretches below are a good way to open up internal rotation tightness between sets of overhead squat as part of the warm up.  Moving from an empty bar and gradually ramping to working weight for the overhead squat.  If this  is your first time doing the overhead squat be advised that without a foundation of  upper body strength a broomstick would likely be your best option for the first couple of weeks slowly progressing to heavier bars until the shoulders and sustain the load of a Olympic bar. Each stretch should be comfortable to the shoulder.

In addition to the stretches some soft tissue work can also compliment at tight upper trap and supraspinatus.  It is a common tender point.

The final part of overhead squat warm up would be overhead squats emphasizing pause in the bottom position.  Not all people can demonstrate the mobility to go to the hole there first attempt/workout.  And grip width will be harder the narrower you go.   First set start wide and each additional set attempt to go narrower without compromising form of the overhead squat.

There are various other techniques and stratagem to get the upperbody in postion for the overhead squat.  This is only one of them.  My recommendation is to do this warmup a minimum of 3 times a week.

A1   Jerk Thoracic Extension              3-5 X  10-20 second hold                                                                 A2   B squat Thoracic Extension       3-5 X 10-20 second  hold                                                               A3  Supraspinatus roll                        3-5 X  10-20second hold                                                                 A4  Overhead Squat                            3-5 X 1-3reps  2-3 second hold in the hole

Within the program some of the above stretches are not list but are provided.  They can also be added it but it is up to the individual to decide.    This is only part one of a series.  Part 2 will discuss mobility for the lower body.  Good luck in your journey to the hole.  #stopslouching







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